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2022 Annual Dinner

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Over the weekend, MABA held an Annual Dinner here in JW Marriot Kuala Lumpur. Hundreds have turned up to the event, including The Youth and Sports Minister, YB Hannah Yeoh, alongside most of the affiliate members, sponsors, players, media members and etc.

Our president Dato’ Sri Dato’ Sri Lee Tian Hock gave the opening speech and said that in 2023, the five goals are still the focus, especially the issue of naturalized players. Currently, there are four players who will be joining the naturalization plan, including three men and one woman.
“We have also officially submitted the application form for naturalization to the Home Affairs Ministry, and we hope that the Ministry of Youth and Sports can further coordinate with the Home Affairs Ministry in the cabinet meeting so that the naturalization plan can be implemented.”

He also reported that he had visited the states and member associations to strengthen relationships since he took office last year, and reported on important industry development plans. He reiterated that once the plans are implemented, 18 member associations will receive funding to build individual indoor sports halls and will receive an annual grant of RM200,000 for development programs and activities.
He added that the implementation of the Modernising the MABA Building plan needs to be approved by a special meeting, and he hopes that all of this can get the support of the member associations.

YB Hannah Yeoh also gave her heartwarming and supportive speech on the night, said that the five plans are visionary plans and the plan mentioned that they are all important links to lead Malaysia basketball to the peak, especially the naturalization of players issues that the chairman mentioned. The department will cooperate and promise to exchange views on this matter with the Home Affairs Minister Dato ‘Sri Saifuddin Nasution at the cabinet meeting and assist the Basketball Association of Malaysia in completing the player naturalization work as soon as possible.

YB Hannah Yeoh agrees with the five plans promoted by Dato’ Sri Lee Tian Hock and the Basketball Association of Malaysia, and believes that as long as all affiliates members fully cooperate and support, it will definitely lead Malaysia basketball to a greater height. She also stated that since she took office as the Minister of Youth and Sports, she has emphasized the importance of national competitions and believes that through different sports, national competitions can cultivate local athletes. She is happy that the MABA has also achieved this, and from the president’s speech earlier, there will be national competitions for all age groups in the new year.