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Affiliate Members Visitation – The Final Stop

The nationwide affiliate members visitation conducted by the Malaysia Basketball Association (MABA) ended on a high note today when the association made its 18th and a final stop to the Negeri Sembilan Basketball Association (NSBA).

Led by MABA president Dato’ Seri Lee Tian Hock, the visit, started early this year, was to enable MABA affiliates to have a better understanding of MABA’s plans and direction for the next six years. The visit was also meant to strengthen and deepen the friendship and bilateral ties between MABA and all its affiliate members.

During those visits, both MABA’s and the affiliate members’ management were given the opportunity to share and exchange information among themselves.

As for today’s visit to NSBA, Dato’ Seri Lee shared with them the five pilot projects that the association will be implementing for the upcoming six years to restore the lost glory of MABA as well as take the sport of basketball to a new level.

Among the five pilot projects are the modernisation of the MABA building to ensure financial stability and strong financial resources, grassroots development, naturalisation of foreign players, the launching of a professional basketball league and winning the gold medal at the upcoming SEA Games.

Dato’ Seri Lee mentioned that although most of the projects were started early in the year, some of them are showing encouraging results, particularly in the ongoing professional basketball league, Major Basketball League Malaysia, which received overwhelming responses from basketball fans nationwide.

“Although there are only six teams participating in the inaugural league, each game attracted large numbers of fans to buy tickets to witness first-hand some of the thrills of the games,” Dato’ Seri Lee said.

Elaborating further on the importance of a professional basketball league, Dato’ Seri Lee said it will also help some of the players to have a sustainable life after their athletic career lifetime.

During the visit, Dato’ Seri Lee also revealed to NSBA management that they have found a developer that is interested in entering into a joint venture with MABA to rebuild the building and stadium.

“If this development project is carried out successfully, it will yield good results for MABA because not only will MABA’s financial capability be strengthened with a financial injection of RM170 million, but this collaboration will also enable MABA to have a comprehensive sports centre that is equipped with various sports facilities and meet international standards.

“At the same time, if the project is successfully carried out, each affiliate member will receive an annual activity grant of RM200,000 as well as funding for the construction of a basketball complex of RM5 million with a seating capacity of around 1,000,” Dato’ Seri Lee added.

Before the briefing ended, NSBA president Dato Tiger Lee thanked MABA for making the trip as well as shared with them some of the glorious histories of the association and extended their appreciation towards Dato’ Seri Lee as the association’s patron for his generosity in donating RM4 million annually as the fund to enable the state team to achieve formidable results in major tournaments.



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