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ATM Basketball Referees’ Workshop (Level 1) 2024

The Malaysian Basketball Association (MABA) Referees’ Committee embarked on its second significant initiative of the year with a highly anticipated two-day event: the ATM 5v5 Basketball Referees’ Level 1 Workshop, held at the prestigious Military Camp Sungai Besi on January 29th and 30th, 2024. This groundbreaking workshop marked a pivotal moment in the journey of 18 eager candidates, all of whom were soldiers, seeking to enhance their expertise in basketball refereeing.

The workshop seamlessly blended theoretical insights with practical applications, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for all participants. Throughout the event, the soldiers exhibited unwavering attentiveness, demonstrating a genuine commitment to mastering the intricacies of basketball officiating. From understanding the nuances of the game to familiarizing themselves with the latest refereeing methodologies, the candidates immersed themselves in a dynamic educational environment, thirsting for knowledge and skill enhancement.

Under the expert guidance of seasoned professionals, the soldiers delved into various facets of basketball officiating, absorbing valuable insights and techniques. Beyond mere classroom instruction, the workshop facilitated hands-on practice sessions, enabling participants to refine their judgment, decision-making, and communication skills on the court. Through interactive drills and simulations, the soldiers gained practical experience, honing their ability to officiate effectively in real-game scenarios.

The fervent engagement and active participation of all attendees underscored their shared aspiration for continuous improvement and professional growth. Their enthusiasm reverberated throughout the workshop, fostering a collaborative atmosphere conducive to learning and development. As the event unfolded, camaraderie flourished, forging bonds among peers united by their passion for basketball and refereeing excellence.

During the opening ceremony, Colonel Mohd Hidayat Bin A. Halim, Pegawai Memerintah 71 RSDPMB, conveyed his sincere appreciation for the collaboration between the military and MABA. Expressing his desire for further cooperation in the future, Colonel Halim emphasized the importance of such initiatives in nurturing talent and fostering mutual understanding between organizations. His remarks underscored the significance of partnerships in advancing the collective goals of sports development and professional advancement.

Looking ahead, the success of the ATM 5v5 Basketball Referees’ Level 1 Workshop serves as a beacon of inspiration, setting a precedent for future endeavours in referee training and education. The enthusiasm and dedication exhibited by the participants reaffirm the enduring spirit of sportsmanship and the unwavering commitment to excellence within the basketball community. With aspirations for continued collaboration and growth, the workshop participants eagerly anticipate future opportunities for learning, skill refinement, and camaraderie in their journey toward becoming accomplished basketball referees.