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L1 Basketball Coaching Course in Kuching

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  • 2 min read

The conclusion of the L1 Basketball Coaching Course in Kuching marked a significant milestone for all involved.
Under the guidance of Mr. Aaron Tay, Chairman of Sarawak BA, participants embarked on a journey of learning not only basketball skills development but learning how to become a committed basketball coach. Many have sacrificed their Chinese New Year and come for the course. Whether the participants pass or not in this course, they have already shown us that they love the game and they are willing to sacrifice their time for Basketball.
As the course drew to a close, Mr. Tay took the opportunity to commend the dedication and commitment shown by each participant. With pride, he presented Attendance Certificates, symbolizing not just completion but also the acquisition of knowledge and the cultivation of a deeper understanding of basketball coaching principles. This ceremony not only honoured the participants’ efforts but also underscored the importance of continuous learning and growth within the basketball community in Kuching.