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MABA Referee Examination 2023 Report (MABA Station)

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To improve the technical components of basketball in Malaysia, the Malaysia Basketball Association (MABA) created the MABA Referee Examination 2023. The exam was designed to assess basketball referees’ knowledge and skills, as well as to verify that they satisfy MABA standards. This report summarises the investigation, including the date, place, participants, and committees involved.

The MABA Referee Examination 2023 was held by webinar on April 9, 2023. The programme lasted one entire day and covered a variety of basketball refereeing issues such as rules and regulations, game management, and communication skills. The programme was created to help referees enhance their knowledge and abilities while also ensuring that they fulfil MABA requirements.

The physical course and examination were held on April 16, 2023, at MABA in Kuala Lumpur. The workshop includes practical sessions in which participants could put their webinar knowledge to use. The test was designed to assess the participants’ grasp of the program’s subjects.

The MABA Referee Examination 2023 had a total of 25 candidates. These competitors were chosen based on their basketball refereeing experience and ability. The athletes came from all around the country, and there were 18 male and 7 female referees.

Eight working committees were part in the MABA Referee Examination 2023. These committees were in charge of organising the programme and ensuring that it ran successfully. The examination committee, technical committee, logistics committee, finance committee, and communication committee were among the committees. Each committee was essential to the program’s success.

Finally, the MABA Referee Examination 2023 was a successful programme designed at improving technical areas of basketball in Malaysia. The programme was delivered by webinar and includes a physical course and assessment. The programme had 25 participants and eight working committees. MABA is congratulated for organising the programme and for taking basketball’s technical aspect seriously in the country. The programme is aimed to improve the level of basketball refereeing in Malaysia.