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Open tender invitation

  • 3x3, Tender
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MABA is extending the invitation to the public for an open tender for the MABA 3X3 organizer.

The deadline for submission is 13th December 2022.

Who can organize a Malaysia 3×3 event?
  • The hosting of a 3×3 Event will be awarded to Private Promoters, or any municipalities can be channelled through MABA.
  • Duration of Contract: 2 Years + 2 Years Contract.
  • Date of Events from February 2023 to April 2023.
Venue Selection

The following can be envisioned as the ideal venue

  • City centres, main squares and/or city parks;
  • Tourist attraction spots and/or iconic landmarks;
  • Peculiar buildings such as malls, universities etc.
  • Proposed Venue (min 4 States) :
    • –Penang
    • –Selangor   
    • –Kuala Lumpur  
    • –Putrajaya
    • –Melaka
    • –Sarawak
    • Sabah
Malaysia 3X3 Concepts
Rights and obligations of the Organizer

In submitting its candidature to host MABA 3×3, the Organizer indicates interest in holding a premium event and acknowledges the following range of rights and obligations.

  • Awards
    • Medals for 3 winning teams each in female and male team competitions, plus the top three placed in the individual competitions.
  • Local Transportation
    • The Organizer is responsible for the organization and cost of Local transportation for 5 Referees and up to 3 MABA Staff Delegates, check-in two days before their respective competition starts and check-out the day after the Event.
  • Host broadcasting / TV / VoD (Video on Demand) / Online stream
    • Organizer to secure host broadcasting production to follow FIBA TV guidelines with Special Terms set by MABA.
  • Venue infrastructure
    • All mandatory infrastructure and equipment, including bleachers and IT/Communications infrastructure.
    • Additional recommended infrastructure for side activities.
    • Secure, stable, dedicated cable internet connection for the live stream upload. (At least 5MB upload speed)
  • Signage and branding materials
    • Production of all signage and branding materials following strictly MABA guidelines, which will turn, be in charge of providing all designs. MABA to approve branding materials.
  • Personnel
    • All costs related to local staff and external service providers.
    • Contribution of RM220/day for each of the 5 referees.
  • Safety & Security
    • All necessary measurements to guarantee security around the event throughout the whole event period (day and night, from setup to dismantling), including all costs related to the security personnel.


The Main Court shall be set up as follow:

Court and flooring

2 balls (Official FIBA 3×3 Ball)

Backstop unit with integrated shot-clock

FIBA 3×3 Sports court (15m Width x 11m length ) – Provided by MABA

Substitute seats x 2pcs

Advertising boards x 24pcs

Video screen and scoreboard ( min 60” TV)

Scorer’s Table ( 8ft long)

DJ & Sound system x 1 set with 2 speakers

Court Lighting (visible for live stream)

First Aid room (for injuries purpose)

Food & beverage for players and staff (fruits & water)



FIBA 3×3 Official Rules

Competition format

Number of teams and pools
Seeding of teams
Competition format
Pool phase and standing calculation
Knock-Out (KO) phase
Awards and Prize

Game run-down

Awards and Prizes

Shootout (Mixed)



–Cultural performance
–Street dance

Crowd interaction and giveaways

Skills Zone


Sponsorship structure

Sponsorship rights distribution

Event branding

On-Court signages


Promotion Plan

3×3 digital and social media platforms

Social Media

Media Partners


Communications tools

Communications staffing

Media accreditations

Media facilities

Image (video/photo) rights

Roles and responsibilities


Refer to FIBA TV Production Manual 2022

The minimum requirement shall consist as of below:

1 Main camera from a high angle

Link and synchronize score system to telecast/online stream

Stable Internet (Min 10mbps)

Accreditation, Safety & Security

General Safety provisions



Tags & lanyard


The deadline for submission is 13th December 2022.


For more information and submission of tender, please contact

Mr Benson – 60124043638


Mr Sim – 60162632155