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Pioneering Pathways: Empowering Retired Players through Coaching Training Initiatives

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Two retired and renowned female players Izzati and Pang Hui Pin will travel to Japan next month to participate in a coaching training programme. They will be the pioneers in our overseas coaching training program, paving the way for more retired players with coaching aspirations to train in Japan, South Korea, or Taiwan in the near future.

This initiative builds upon the MABA’s ongoing commitment to strengthening the technical foundation of Malaysian basketball. The program will serve as a platform for veteran players to leverage their experience and transition seamlessly into coaching roles, guiding future generations on the same court they once dominated.

The critical challenge of career prospects and financial security for retired athletes is a universal problem. For retired basketball players, this issue requires a gradual, step-by-step approach to address, paving the way for a brighter future in their post-playing years.

MABA is committed to enhancing the well-being of basketball athletes through professional leagues. However, ensuring long-term career prospects for retired players will need long-term planning and development.

Supporting our players’ transitions is our long-term goal, and the launch of this intensive training program is a significant step. By equipping them with advanced coaching skills, we empower retired players to seamlessly transition into mentorship roles. This is just the beginning. We remain committed to exploring further opportunities to ensure their well-being and success in their post-playing lives.

Basketball players dedicate their lives to the sport, only to often face uncertainty and unfulfilled potential when their careers end. The poignant narratives of countless players, including Annie Goh should serve as a stark reminder. We must do better in preparing them for life post-retirement and equipping them with skills and resources for the future should be an integral part of their development.