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Promoting Referee Exchange Program in Malaysian Basketball: A Step Towards International Standards

In the wake of the second year post-pandemic, Malaysia Basketball Association (MABA) initiated a referee exchange program with the Maldives Basketball Association. Malaysia dispatched four national-level referees, divided into two groups, to serve in the Maldives for two-week intervals, officiating local men’s Division 1 basketball games and national women’s basketball matches.

The objective behind this exchange program is to provide Malaysian referees with enhanced learning opportunities and platforms for showcasing their skills. The MABA Referee Committee has been actively fostering strong ties and exchanges with referee committees of other nations. The aim is not only to provide international exposure to local referees but also to cultivate a pool of high-quality international referees, thus enriching their experiences and laying the groundwork for future endeavours.

Aligned with the five major plans of MABA and the referee training programs of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), the Malaysian Referee Committee aspires to groom a cadre of highly skilled basketball referees over the next 10 to 15 years. These referees will be equipped to serve in both domestic and international basketball competitions, contributing to the growth of the sport. The ultimate vision is to create an environment where players, coaches, and referees can evolve together harmoniously.