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Remembering Tan Sri Lee San Choon: A Leader in Malaysian Basketball History

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The Malaysian Basketball Association mourns the late Tan Sri Lee San Choon, an outstanding leader in the Malaysian basketball community who served as the President of the Malaysian Basketball Association from 1972 to 1985 for a period of 13 years. His passing is a huge loss to the Malaysian basketball community.

Tan Sri Lee San Choon was a visionary and courageous leader. During his tenure as President, he was committed to promoting and strengthening Malaysia-China friendship through basketball, promoting cultural and sports exchanges between the two countries. In 1974, he facilitated the exchange of visits between the Malaysian and Chinese basketball delegations, which enhanced mutual trust and friendship between the two countries and raised the level of Malaysian basketball.

In addition, under his leadership, the Malaysian Basketball Association established several new committees that contributed to the development of basketball. In 1983, the league committee was established to manage the Malaysian Basketball Association league, which was scheduled to be launched in 1984, with the aim of improving the national team’s level.

Tan Sri Lee San Choon was a leader in the Malaysian basketball community and the only president of the Malaysian Chinese Association. Under his leadership, the national women’s basketball team achieved the best five consecutive championships in history from 1977 to 1985, which fully demonstrated his leadership ability and sports management skills.

When Tan Sri Lee San Choon took over as President, the Malaysian Basketball Association still had some debts to repay. He worked closely with Mr. Lim Boon Teik to not only repay the debts but also managed to have the building of the association, generating millions of Ringgit in rental income from office buildings, restaurants, and dormitories, which were later used to build an indoor sports hall and a parking lot, playing an important role in promoting the development of the Malaysian basketball community.

Tan Sri Lee San Choon’s passing is a huge loss, and his contributions to the Malaysian basketball community will be forever remembered in our hearts. We thank him for everything he has done for the basketball sport and express our deepest condolences and sympathies to his family and loved ones.