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Visit to former Deputy President Mr Lim Yew Jin

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Dato’ Seri Lee Tian Hock, the President of the Malaysia Basketball Association (MABA), together with Secretary-General Mr Tan Kee Hian and Vice President Dato’ Bruce Lim Cheang Nyok, paid a courtesy visit to former Deputy President Mr Lim Yew Jin, who hosted them at his restaurant for a warm reception.

Dato’ Seri Lee Tian Hock shared with Mr Lim his vision for the redevelopment of the MABA Stadium and Office Building, aiming to provide MABA with world-class facilities and generating income through real estate, so that MABA can overcome the challenges it has faced over the years and elevate the overall standard of Malaysian basketball.

Upon understanding the redevelopment plan, Mr Lim Yew Jin expressed admiration for this ambitious undertaking. He fully supported this valuable and large-scale project, which would benefit MABA and its 18 affiliates.

In addition, Dato’ Seri Lee also discussed the issue of compensation for the car park located at the MABA, which was constructed by Mr Lim in the past. Mr Lim readily agreed to an instalment plan when MABA can repay. The details of the compensation will be further discussed after the redevelopment plan is approved in the EGM.

This meeting was a positive step towards strengthening the cooperation between MABA and Mr Lim Yew Jin, facilitating the smooth progress of the redevelopment plan, and promoting the development of Malaysian basketball.