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Visit to Former President TS Chan

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Dato’ Seri Lee Tian Hock, the President of the Malaysia Basketball Association (MABA), recently led a delegation to visit the former president Tan Sri Chan Ah Chye. The purpose of this visit was to pay their respects to the former president and to update him on the latest happenings and future plans of MABA.

During the visit, Dato’ Seri Lee and Tan Sri Chan engaged in a delightful conversation. Dato’ Seri Lee briefed Tan Sri Chan on the significant events that had taken place recently, such as the successful completion of the national basketball championship and the upcoming plans for the promotion of basketball in Malaysia. Tan Sri Chan Ah Chye appreciated the contributions made by Dato’ Seri Lee and his team in the development of basketball in Malaysia.

In addition, Tan Sri Chan expressed his admiration for Dato’ Seri Lee’s exceptional achievement of travelling throughout the nation to visit all affiliates of MABA for nine months last year. This dedication and commitment to the sport of basketball in Malaysia impressed him greatly, and he praised Dato’ Seri Lee for his efforts.

Tan Sri Chan warmly invited the MABA delegation to join him for lunch as a gesture of hospitality. The delegation expressed their gratitude and appreciation to Tan Sri Chan for his past contributions to Malaysia basketball.

Overall, the visit was a great success, as it strengthened the bond between MABA and the former president and paved the way for future cooperation in the interest of Malaysian basketball.